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  • No. 666, Gaoxin Boulevard, Optics Valley Biolake, Building B6, 4/5F. Wuhan, Hubei, 430075, PR of China.

With reverence and respect for life, we chose the health industry, which means we bear the mission and responsibility to protect health. Prompting us to redouble our efforts, with modern biomedical technology, stand on the shoulders of our predecessors to achieve technological innovation with excellent quality product, customer and patient services.


With the desire and noble ideal of self-realization, we chose Wuhan HealthCare Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which means that we carry the mission and responsibility of team growth and common development. This urge us honesty, dedication, tolerance, collaboration, uninterrupted learning and hardworking to stand in the industry development forefront and achieve our business model innovation. With outstanding performance, excellent results, return the capital and reward the society. 


Our Mission: The Pursuit of Excellence, The Protection of Human Health.

Our Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Tolerance, Cooperation.

Our Vision: Create a Biomedical Technology Innovation Centre and set a benchmark for health care industry enterprises.