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      Distribution Cooperation

HealthCare Biotech is daily expanding its business and in all its manufactured product lines for the full satisfaction of its clients. We always welcome interested partners being distributor, agent or independent user (clinical or medical laboratory, research centre) worldwide for the development of a Win-Win cooperation. We provide:

- Unique authorization for your target area.

- Very competitive price over product excellent quality. 

- Professional and accurate product training material.

- Product promotional material. 

- Professional technical support. 

- An outstanding rapid service.

- Other performance incentives. 


Distributor/Agent Requirements:

- Have a legal and valid business license.

- Have an economic stability condition and the determination for our brand promotion. 

- Have the capacity and resources to develop the attributed market area to reach and meet the agreed objectives between the parties.


For further information and direct contact: 

  • If you are a medical devices distributor or a supplier of healthcare goods and services, and you are exploring the opportunity to expand your market with innovative products, contact us directly: 
  • Dr. Lambert NYOBE, International Marketing Department Coordinator & BD Mgr.
  • Tel: +86-181-4055-9890 
  • E-mail: bd@healthcare-biotech.com 
  •  Distributors: To find our representative in your local area, please contact us directly at cs@healthcare-bio.com