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Personalized Medicine

Human Genotyping Real-Time PCR Kits 

By PCR-Fluorescence Probe Method 


Product Name

Gene Targeted



Human VKORC1 and CYP2C9 genes polymorphism 

detection kit. 12 Tests/Box. (CE-IVD)

Coumarins Personalized Medicine

VKORC1 gene -1639 mutation site;

CYP2C9 gene *1,*2 and *3 gene variants


Human CYP2C19 gene polymorphism 

detection kit. 12 Tests/Box. (CE-IVD)

Clopidogrel Personalized Medicine

*1,*2,*3 and *17 gene variants



Human APOE gene polymorphism 

detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Statins Personalized Medicine

APOE gene E2, E3 and E4 gene variants


Human ALDH2 gene polymorphism 

detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Nitroglycerin/Alcohol metabolic ability Personalized Medicine

ALDH2 gene *1 and *2 gene variants


Human MTHFR gene polymorphism 

detection kit.20 Tests/Box.

Folic acid supplementation dosage Personalized Medicine

MTHFR gene 677, 1298, 66 mutation sites


Human GPIIIa,GP1BAand PEAR1 genes polymorphism detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Aspirin Personalized Medicine 

GP IIIa PlA2,PEAR1 and

GP1BA gene variants


Human TNF-αgenes polymorphism 

detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Predict the risk of  liver fibrosis and liver cancer

TNF-α  gene variants



Human CYSLTR1and GSDML genes polymorphism 

detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Asthma risk assessment


CYSLTR1 and GSDML gene variants


Human F5and PAI-1 genes polymorphism 

detection kit. 20 Tests/Box.

Predict Risk of venous thrombosis

PAI-1 and F5 gene variants

Our Advantages

1. High Specificity: The use of Taqman-MGB probe method, effectively enhance the genotyping specificity.

2. High Accuracy: Paraffin sealed sample, the whole process is carried out in a closed tube with beta-actin internal control system that effectively prevents product contamination and false negatives.

3. High Sensitivity: accurate genotyping down to 1ng/μL in DNA samples.

4. Simplicity and Fastness: The kit is simple and easy to operate, the detection cycle is short (1.5 hours), and the result is reliable.

5. An excellent customer service with very short lead time from PO confirmation to shipment.

6. Very competitive affordable price.

PCR Sample, Instrument and Product Specifications

Sample Type           

  • EDTA anticoagulant venous whole blood sample.

 Applicable Instrument Model           

  • AB 7500 and AB 7900 fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument.          
  • SLAN-48P and SLAN-96P fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument.


  • 12 tests/box and 20 tests/box.


 Conventional PCR Mix and FastProbe® PCR Premix Process Comparison